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Beer Collabs

Loreley's New York City Craft Beer Series

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Loreley Oktoberfest

Torch & Crown Brewing Co. x Loreley
Amber Märzen - 5.5% ABV

Loreley has been hosting a true Oktoberfest celebration on the Lower East Side of New York City since 2003 in a beautiful outdoor beer garden with communal seating, imported Oktoberfest beers, weekly keg tappings and pig roasts! 

Now, with the help of the Torch & Crown Brewing Company, Loreley Beer Garden is bringing an Oktoberfest style Märzen to New York in a new way!  Brewed and canned fresh in New York by Torch & Crown.

Loreley Oktoberfest is an Amber Märzen Lager.  It is our tribute to a traditional bavarian festbier, with a nutty, lightly sweet aroma and smooth, malty finish. The perfect beer to usher in the end of summer.

Release Date: 9/8/2022

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Loreley Summer Nights

Greenpoint Beer & Ale Co. x Loreley
Zwickel Unfiltered Lager - 4.9% ABV

Loreley has become a staple on the Lower East Side on sunny days and cool summer nights for nearly 20 years.  Now with the help of Greenpoint Beer & Ale Co., we are bringing our own Zwickel style unfiltered lager with centuries of tradition to Manhattan.

Like the zwickelbier of tradition, ours is unfiltered and pale gold in color, with a crisp, malty base. Small additions of Hallertau Mittelfruh hops offer a touch of bitterness and whiffs of noble spice character.

"Zwickelbier is an unfiltered German lager that’s cloudy, refreshing and sessionable. It’s a bready, yeasty beer that’s balanced and unpretentious. It can appeal to those who want a “beer that tastes like beer” while at the same time having enough complexity for those who want to think about what they’re drinking."  - Chicago Tribune

Release Date: 5/13/2022

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Loreley K├Âlsch

KCBC x Loreley
Our specialty, a top fermented ale - 4.9% ABV

The first in our series of NYC Craft Beer Collabs features the Loreley Kölsch by Kings County Brewers Collective.

Kölsch is the hometown beer of Cologne, Germany.  Loreley Beer Garden has been importing and serving Kölsch on the Lower East Side since 2003!

Since 1997, the term "Kölsch" has had a protected geographical indication (PGI) within the European Union, indicating a beer that is made within 50 kilometres (30 mi) of the city of Cologne and brewed according to the Kölsch Konvention as defined by the members of the Cologne Brewery Association (Kölner Brauerei-Verband).

Now, with the help of the Kings County Brewers Collective located in Bushwick, Loreley Beer Garden is bringing a Kölsch style ale to New York in a new way!  Brewed and canned fresh in Brooklyn, Loreley Kölsch is a Kölsch style ale with Magnum, Perle & Cyrstal Hops and malted barley.

The Loreley Kölsch pours crystal clear pale gold in the glass, with fluffy white head. Brewed with traditional Köln pilsner malt, along with a blend of Magnum, Perle and Crystal hops. Fermented with German Ale yeast and then lagered for several weeks before packaging. Clean malt, soft herbal spice, and delicate aromatics of white grapes,  and honeysuckle. Crisp and crushable. Extremely food-friendly.

Release Date: 4/2/2022

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